Capture and share moments that are never missed

Paisa Swipe/Groups is a fun and beautiful rewarding way to share and connect with friends, family, and your local community. 

Create social groups and share your message publicly or privately on mobile lock screens. 

You can choose to only share with loved ones or people you care about in closed private groups or open up your message to the world and get rewarded for every piece of content shared and viewed.

Surprise your loved ones by sending meaningful content that appears as they unlock their phone.

Keep your followers engaged with posts that are always seen.

Send meaningful messages and help us become a global movement in improving the lives of others. 

Discover amazing things around you and get rewarded for it!

For every Swipe on any content private or public you earn Paisa Coins which you can use to participate in helping others and be recognized for it!
You may also use these awesome coins to shop for amazing goodies.

We are driven by a mission to get as many people as possible to do good, be happy, and lend a helping hand (or in this case a helping finger – to swipe).